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Why born the Ministry in creation from the Symphony Orchestra?

Sabine Diaz:The Ministry was born, when I had this marvellous vision during a concert. I understood that trade that I had chosen was fine but that I was not in the good medium. I had finally the explanation of the incomfort I felt during all these years. In fact that was for me an irrevocable confirmation of what I thought but without too fully understanding. From there the things were clear, like a pulzze that one assembles piece by piece. When I said: "I am not in my family", at this time, this sentence took its whole sense. My family, it is ups to me together it. Whenever can these brothers and sisters be, distance will not be a problem...

Which are the spiritual priorities of the Christian Symphony Orchestra?

Sabine Diaz: The spiritual priorities are before all the evangelization. I put a point of honor so that the composers are inspired while composing only on the psalms. Our message and our source are the Bible. The second important point is that the Lord gave us a gift, of musician, singer or composer. We must thank Him by putting it to Its service. The third important point is that our gift must be put at the service of the others, our step must be spiritual and noncommercial. The fourth point is that we must transmit a message of love, of sharing...

The vision

"When I became a conductor, I became aware that it was a gift of GOD.
I conducted before I had finished my studies of direction. It was easy and transparent for me. However I often said to myself this is not my family. But I did not really understand the sense.
I did not seek to benefit from my profession, it was a passion which grew, that is all. I wanted to share and give this love through music. The more I advanced in this trade the less I felt in my place. The environment did not fit me.


Then I had this mervellous vision and after much time of reflection, I said to myself : "But the Brothers and Sisters musicians are my family.
It is necessary to find them and set up this orchestra". My family is out there. All the brothers and sisters musicians, singers or composers who feel this same need and want to share this love through the music while thanking back GOD, are welcome. Let us offer without distinction these musical moments to those which are in the need of . Let us share this gift which was given to us...


They seek by the mastership of their art to communicate their faith...

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